Innovent Technology delivering ‘best of breed’ solutions!

Innovent Technology is a designer and producer of innovative software solutions for the agricultural sector. Each product has been developed with the intention of improving the profitability and the efficiency of the livestock industry. Our aims are to deliver ‘best of breed solutions’ to the agricultural sector globally and are clearly demonstrated in both qboxanalysis, our award winning management system and qscan our visual imaging analysis system.


Our History

Innovent Technology Limited was created in 2001, primarily to assist with addressing the needs of  the Scottish Agriculture and to commercialise a patented animal health product, Kling-on Blue, invented by company director Willie Thomson. We are a small company based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This area is rich in arable land with an estimated 9,000 people employed in this sector, and is well known for rearing livestock and producing high quality meat.
Innovent technology continues to be involved in ground breaking projects. There are numerous opportunities to use the technology we have created as a catalyst to develop linked technology. We are keen to further the development of unique management tools aimed at improving the performance and profitability of the livestock sector.

Currently we have three main product lines: qboxanalysis, qscan and Kling-on Blue.


Monitors the growth of your pigs wherever you are!

The qscan system uses sophisticated video imaging cameras to capture images of pigs. These images are then integrated into our unique software to record the images and calculate the weight estimates. This provides the average weight of the pen per day, which is the starting point for an understanding of the pattern and rate of growth within a population of pigs.
Qscan is unique in allowing producers to understand not just growth rate but more importantly, the “pattern of growth” – a real eye opener in many cases.  Significantly, the system also allows the producer to understand the growth pattern for the light, average and heavy pigs; this provides a constant monitor of the most vulnerable animals in the pen and gives a unique early warning of either diet suitability or impending health issues.

The qscan data is available on any computer, tablet or phone with internet access through our secure Web Reporting Tool.
Currently qscan is being used in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil and most recently China.


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Qbox Analysis

Focus on Quality for Improved Profit!

Developed  for producers, marketing groups and processors, qboxanalysis is an online management system providing easily understood data relevant to all areas of the production food chain.
Qboxanalysis targets improved producer and processor profitability by focusing on the increasing output of quality meat and encourages better communication between the farmer and his processor. The abattoir data is pulled electronically into the qboxanalysis system which then provides endless provision for trend analysis, research and benchmarking. This data produces sensitive, economic and production models as well as providing unrivalled benchmarking opportunities. Qboxanalysis is a flexible tool capable of producing a wide array of reports and economic scenarios to enable the meat industry to evaluate the produce and ensure that the highest quality of meat possible is being produced.

qboxanalysis has been developed and used for pigs and cattle at present. The data collected can be made available for viewing on any computer, tablet or phone with internet access providing the user permissions have been granted.

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